Your copper Chandeliers deserve better

Brink & van Keulen specializes in the maintenance and restoration of brass chandeliers for wear of the brass chandelier is unfortunately inevitable. Regular brushing, air pollution and possibly dripping candle wax in your crown which factors are becoming attractive gloss. Then the time has come for a thorough cleaning and restoration of your precious brass chandelier.

Through our work with precision, the following performed:

  • The collection and dismantling of your chandeliers
  • Removing the old varnish
  • Polishing units so that they get their original luster back again
  • Applying a new coating layer (not boterlak), which ensures that you do not need to polish.
  • The installation of new wiring, new fittings and new, improved and embellished candle sleeves.
  • The weather of the parts wisely, of course, in the original configuration.
  • Reducing the crowns to your location

Your chandeliers have been restored by our skilled craftsmen are no longer distinguishable from new. The decades of experience Brink & Cologne guarantees ensuring an optimum result. The Cultural Heritage Inspectorate of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science estimates the lattice Brink & van Keulen even so high that they monumental crowns instead of regular brushing our treatment advice!

Brink & Cologne gives your chandelier, if you will, also electric LED candle lamps.You did not just save up to 70% flow, the preparation time for activities that is also significant. You do not a candle for a stabbing to because by using a simple light switch can ignite the crown!

Your chandelier is for you after all of great emotional value. Only the best care is adequate. But maybe you’re also curious about its economic value. Again can Brink & Cologne at your service. At a minimum we can charge a valuation for you.