Brink 1991.18: 19th Century Model Copper Chandelier With 18 Lamps H82xB82

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Brothers Egbert and Anton Brink, both metal casters by profession, founded Brink en van Keulen in 1946, together with Marinus Leendert van Keulen. They had a workshop on the Koudehorn in Haarlem. At the request and idea of Canneman, chief architect at the Rijksdienst voor de Monumentenzorg, the company specialised in making copper chandeliers, manufacturing replicas of old Dutch crowns and restoring old crowns. Anton Brink's son Willem also worked in the business for many years, learning the trade from his father. Followed by his daughter Sabine, the third generation of the Brink family business.

The chandelier Brink 1991.18 exudes Dutch elegance and is lit by 18 gracefully curved copper arms. Measuring 82 cm in height and width, this striking 19th-century fixture features delicate curling ornamentation that delineates each floor. Designed in an era when ornamental metalwork predominated, this hollow copper chandelier is now wired for modern use. With its handcrafted details and warm, shimmering glow, the Brink 1991.18 immerses spaces in historic charm. Both bold and refined in form, this chandelier illustrates the finesse of classic Dutch lighting design.

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