LED Candle C26 2 Watt - 2200K - Warm white - Long

18 inc. VAT

Brink en van Keulen has special chandelier LED lamps available that generate a warm light source and even approximate the colour of the real candle light.

The BvK Led Candle is exclusively available at Brink en van Keulen. Our models are half the size of the standard candle shape and/or have a special shape. The candles are made in 2 Watt, bright in color and dimmable. Available in 2200K and 2700K. 

One speaks of large crowns when 24, 36 or more candles are placed on a crown. To determine the total light output of the chandelier, one adds up the wattage of the candles. If desired, you can dim these candle lights back to atmospheric lighting, e.g. for dinner. This can be done with a simple dimmer up to 150 Watt.

Very high CRI 96.4 = colour reproduction


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