Canneman 170.2: 17th Century Model Copper Chandelier With 18 Lamps H150xW125

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Elias Canneman (1933-1970) is the name of a former chief architect of monument conservation. He was entrusted with extensive projects after World War II, including the Belfry of Sluis, Walenburg Castle, Duivenvoorde Castle, the Nieuwe Kerk and the Markiezenhof. Canneman was also particularly committed to the fate of traditional Dutch chandeliers. He gave Brink & van Keulen advice on the yellow casting craft and recommendations for maintenance and restoration.

The majestic three-tier Canneman 170.2 chandelier modernises antique opulence with 18 gracefully curved copper arms. At 150 cm high and 125 cm wide, this imposing fixture is a 17th-century Dutch original, right down to the intricately hand-detailed metalwork swirling across the solid copper frame. Although designed centuries ago, the Canneman 170.2 is wired for contemporary use, immersing modern spaces in decadent old-world lighting. Grand and timelessly beautiful, this striking chandelier combines historic elegance with contemporary functionality.

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