Catherine 229: 19th Century Model Copper Wall Chandelier With 3 Lamps H37xB44

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Catharina, wife of famous Dutch Golden Age artist Johannes Vermeer, supported his career behind the scenes by managing household finances and raising their 11 children. Although their marriage was born out of pragmatism, a tender romance blossomed over time. Catherine often served as Vermeer's model, capturing her stoic beauty in iconic works such as Woman in Blue reading a letter. When Vermeer went bankrupt in 1675, the steadfast Catharina bravely continued running the family's art business and inn, ensuring that her husband's artistic legacy lived on. She protected his famous canvases until her death in 1684.

The three-arm Catherina 229 wall luminaire brings a graceful 19th-century style to the wall with its ornate solid copper form. Measuring 37 cm high and 44 cm wide, this striking yet sophisticated fixture features intricate curling metalwork along its circular frame. Designed centuries ago but wired modernly, the Catherina 229 exudes a decadent glow reminiscent of the Golden Age. With its handcrafted details and warm, antique finish, this wall lamp is a perfect addition to the Vermeer collection of electric chandeliers. An elegant fusion of old-world charm and contemporary function, the Catherina 229 embodies the mastery of Dutch metal art. Electric wall chandeliers Catherina combine well with the electric chandeliers model Vermeer.

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