Teyler 700.1: 17th Century Model Copper Chandelier With 12 Lamps H80xB77

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Pieter Teyler van der Hulst (1702 - 1788) was a wealthy Dutch cloth and silk merchant, banker and philanthropist. A supporter of the Enlightenment, Teyler had a keen interest in art and science and collected coins, prints, drawings, books and fossils. Teyler became best known for his 2 million guilder bequest to promote art and science. Teyler's Museum of Art, Science and History was founded in 1788, the first and oldest still open museum in the Netherlands.

Inspired by 17th-century Dutch design, the majestic Teyler 700.1 chandelier evokes the grandeur of Holland's Golden Age with its hand-cast solid copper frame adorned with twelve gracefully outstretched arms. At 80 cm high and 77 cm wide, this impressive replica retains the proportions and appearance of the antique original, but adapted to modern wiring. The intricate scrollwork surrounds the two-level fixture and pays homage to the treasured metalworking techniques that brought warmth to palatial spaces centuries ago. With its timeless elegance and alluring golden glow, the Teyler 700.1 is a contemporary tribute to the antique Dutch chandelier.

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