Vermeer 118: 19th Century Model Copper Chandelier With 12 Lamps H80xB82

5.935 inc. VAT

Johannes Vermeer (1632 - 1675) painted many Dutch interiors besides his famous "Girl with a Pearl Earring". In the painting "The Art of Painting", a magnificent golden chandelier hangs above the painter and his subject. Dutch historians have noted that such chandeliers allowed artists to demonstrate their expertise in rendering shimmering and refracting copper under changing lighting conditions. A true testament to their craftsmanship and artistry.

The majestic Vermeer 118 two-tier chandelier is an outstanding example of the outstanding craftsmanship of Dutch copper lighting from the 19th century. Each of the two 82 cm-wide circular stages is illuminated by twelve beautifully crafted hollow copper arms that gently bend. The outer frame of each stage is adorned with elaborate scrolled metalwork that converges at the centre connecting piece. An impressive 80 cm tall, this newly cast showpiece is functionally wired for today's LED lighting. The polished copper radiates a warm illumination reminiscent of a bygone era in the Netherlands when sumptuous pendant lights illuminated noble mansions and salons everywhere.

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