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Do you have antique brass chandeliers that you would like to sell? You can make your chandelier known to us and we will try to sell it through our website and showroom.

The global network of our partners ensures that we can facilitate the consignment and sale of chandeliers. Through the online platform we offer chandeliers to churches, antique dealers and consumers.

Brink en van Keulen deals exclusively in old Dutch brass chandeliers. without crystal. The type of chandelier you can find on this website. We are therefore not Interested in purchasing chandeliers that contain materials such as crystal, iron, wood and so on. Thanks for your understanding.

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Rijksmuseum 800.1

3.630 inc. VAT

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1.043 inc. VAT

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1.030 inc. VAT

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Characteristics of the Dutch chandelier

How do you recognize an Old Dutch chandelier? Read more about the characteristics of this type of chandelier below.

An important feature of a Dutch chandelier is the shiny large sphere on the underside of the stem. By means of the shiny sphere the (candle) light is reflected. The arms of the Dutch chandelier are deeply sagging and S-shaped.

The arms are S-shaped so that the candlelight comes out at the height of the sphere. As a result, the (candlelight) reflects optimally. In most cases the Dutch chandelier ends with a drop or teat. See below a picture of the construction of a typical Old Dutch crocodile chandelier.

How to Recognize an Old Dutch Chandelier Yellow Copper Brass
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Our story

Brink & Van Keulen 1646

Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. Originally a family business, Brink & van Keulen maintains the 17th-century foundry craft by producing the highest quality brass chandeliers. By passing on centuries-old knowledge, Brink & van Keulen has taken an important role in the preservation of the foundry craft. Brink & van Keulen is specialised in the field of production, restoration, valuation, and mediation of traditional Dutch brass chandeliers.
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17th century foundry craft

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Did you know that

Recommended by the Cultural Heritage Inspectorate

After restoration, the chandeliers are indistinguishable from new ones. The Cultural Heritage Inspectorate values the craftsmanship of Brink & van Keulen so highly that they recommend their treatment for monumental crowns instead of regular polishing!


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