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Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. Originally a family business, Brink & van Keulen maintains the 17th century foundry craft by producing the highest quality copper chandeliers. Through centuries-old knowledge transfer, Brink & van Keulen has taken an important role in the preservation of the foundry craft. Brink & van Keulen is specialized in the field of production, restoration, valuation and mediation of old Dutch copper chandeliers.

Most Popular Chandeliers

17th century chandelier

Rembrandt – 369


17th century chandelier

Rembrandt – 367


19th century chandelier

Vermeer – 113


19th century wall chandelier

Saskia - 474


19th century wall chandelier

Catherina - 229


19th century wall chandelier

Catherina - 234


19th century wall chandelier

Catherina - 231


19th century chandelier

Vermeer - 118


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