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Craft since 1646

Centuries-old craft, modern operations
Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. has been delivering thousands of brass chandeliers to historic buildings, royal palaces and beautiful monumental homes for generations The chandeliers can even be seen in famous film sets, such as in James Bond movies. Our company still practices the yellow-casting craft exactly as in the past. Original moulds from that era are used to manufacture the copper parts.

It also casting is still done the traditional way: in Brussels earth, a greasy type of sand. This is followed by manual grinding, sanding and polishing until each part has a brilliant, golden-yellow sheen. Over a hundred authentic models are possible using this traditional method, with spans of up to 250 cm. The largest specimens can weigh over 450 kilograms in the process. These heavier versions have gained a worldwide reputation over the past 57 years. In many palaces, churches and museums they are the shining centerpiece.


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The Old Church - Amsterdam

Atmospheric lighting with brass chandeliers
The foundry has made a selection of copies produced in the traditional way. This selection is suitable for people with an interest in cultural heritage and who have an eye for an elegant interior or atmospheric lighting. View our collection in our shop.

Per project we think along in; what type of chandelier best suits the space and what lighting is most suitable. If necessary, we also perform a structural calculation for the weight of the chandelier. In cooperation with lighting designersBrink & van Keulen always realizes a suitable solution for every building and space. The company is located in Amsterdam. Here you can see the casting process, on open days or by appointment.

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Brink & Van Keulen 1646

Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. Originally a family business, Brink & van Keulen maintains the 17th-century foundry craft by producing the highest quality brass chandeliers. By passing on centuries-old knowledge, Brink & van Keulen has taken an important role in the preservation of the foundry craft. Brink & van Keulen is specialised in the field of production, restoration, valuation, and mediation of traditional Dutch brass chandeliers.

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