Brink en van Keulen 1646 E.G.

The Sint-Joriskerk is a three-aisled hall church in the Utrecht city of Amersfoort, located on the Hof. The church is used by the Reformed Congregation Sint Joriskerk of the Protestant Community Amersfoort. This congregation is part of the Reformed Union. Wikipedia

In 1337, St. George's Church was elevated to the status of collegiate church, and it is likely that the church already had the shape of a cross at that time; a so-called cruciform church. At the beginning of the fifteenth century, probably due to lack of space, a major rebuilding into a hall church took place in which the tower eventually became part of the church. 

In 1534 the church had the shape it still has today; a three nave hall church. The church came into Protestant hands in 1579, although for the sake of completeness it should be said that the church was temporarily in use by Roman Catholics in 1672-1673.


The church has been thoroughly restored from 1962-1969, both inside and outside. Beautiful decorations and paintings were found with which the church had been embellished in the Middle Ages. From 2009-2011 another major restoration took place. The reason for this was the deterioration of the wooden roof cap by the deathwatch beetle. Serious cracking in the rest of the church was the result of that infestation. The wooden roof construction was restored with great craftsmanship. Outside, new pinnacles were added at the main entrance and the south portal was also restored. The stained glass and vault paintings were cleaned and the cracks in the plaster of the vaults and walls were closed. The church has become surprisingly light by day and in the evening the new lighting does its job.

Brink & Van Keulen Amersfoort
Brink & Van Keulen Amersfoort 2

The brass chandeliers of the Joris Church in Amersfoort were in poor condition due to years of deterioration caused by light and UV radiation. The lacquer layer was broken and the brass discoloured. During the first visit it seemed that the chandeliers could not be restored. After consultation with our restorers and testing a component, it turned out to be no problem to restore the chandeliers to their original state.  

The Brink & van Keulen team dismantled the crowns using a canal lift and transported them packed to Amsterdam. There each part was stripped of its electrical wiring and any loose pieces of lacquer. Each part then got a new layer of varnish (2-components), making these brass chandeliers like new again. Because of the finish with this type of lacquer, the chandeliers can be left in place for 15 to 25 years without maintenance. 

The installation of new dimmable LED lighting has ensured that events can be lit as desired. With the economical lamps and the long-term maintenance plan (once a year careful cleaning with descaled water and a soft cloth) the team of the Joris Church shows that they are thinking about the future. Economical with a longevity and so ready for the next generation.

Opening hours

Saturday 12:00 - 16:00 hours
Sundays 14:00 - 17:00 hours
Entrance: free


Project Information

Joriskerk Amersfoort

Court 1
3811 CJ Amersfoort

Height: ?
Style of construction: ?

Technical Details

Number: 3x
Type: Amsterdam (new building), 3-layered chandelier with 30 arms
Lighting: 4 watt dimmable LED lights
Format: 280x250x250 cm
Weight: 450 kilograms
Number of man hours: 500x

Number: 4x
Type: 2-layer Type: Canneman with 18 arms
Lighting: 4 watt dimmable LED lights
Size: 180x150x150 cm
Weight: 250 kilograms
Number of man hours: ?

Number: 10x
Type: Wall chandelier Saskia with 2 arms
Lighting: 4 watt dimmable LED lights
Format: ?
Weight: ?
Number of man hours: ?