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Valuation of Brass Chandeliers

Because of our years of experience with restorers and antique dealers, it is possible to value a chandelier so it can be sold at the right price.

Let Brink & van Keulen take a look at your brass chandelier and you will soon know which model it is and from which period it is.

An appraisal is the estimation of the value of an object. Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. can only give an appraisal. An appraisal is an estimation of the value of a chandelier at that moment. A comparison is done, the details quality and the finishing are taken into account. An appraisal is important when one wants to buy, sell or insure an object.

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Valuation from A to Z

The reasons for an appraisal can be

  • You do not collect (or no longer collect) or you have these from an inheritance
  • There is interest in taking over (part of) the inheritance, how much should be paid for this?
  • An estate must be divided, how is it divided properly?
  • You would like to know what you own, if you do not know the value it cannot be sold at the right price.

The valuation carried out by Brink & van Keulen is based on knowledge and experience. As with the valuation of real estate and art objects, valuers are registered with a federation. However, this is not possible for objects such as chandeliers and as such, you will receive an advisory value.

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Why Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V.?

  • As the oldest chandelier producer in the Netherlands, we are the right party to sell your chandeliers.
  • Good experience and knowledge.
  • Large network
  • Storage facilities of 1.000m2, you can always deliver goods
  • Clear working method

From the moment Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. has the chandelier(s) in its possession, they are insured against damage, loss, or theft. The proceeds of the sale, after deduction of shipping and transport costs, will be transferred to you after five weeks.

Various Value Definitions

Recommended value definitions for valuations of chandeliers not being machinery or business inventories for the purpose of insurance valuations.

Replacement value

~ ex art 275 of the Commercial Code

Replacement value is defined as the amount necessary to acquire items similar in type, quality, condition and age. The basic principle is that the replacement object is purchased on the appropriate market within the shortest possible time.

New Value

New value means the amount required to obtain a new product of the same type and quality.

Daily value

The current market value is understood to be the new value less an amount for depreciation due to ageing or wear and tear.

Economic Value

Fair value in the context of income tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, division of property, estate planning and business acquisition is the amount that would have been spent by the highest bidder or received by the seller in the event of an offer for sale in the most appropriate manner for the property after best preparation.

Private sale value

The private sale value is understood to be the amount that a property can reasonably fetch if offered voluntarily, in the usual way for this type of property and without any further costs being incurred by the buyer, based on the following principles:

- No auction
- Failure to take account of an exceptional bid by a special bidder

Public voluntary sale value/auction value

Public Voluntary Sales Value means the amount that a property will reasonably fetch in a public voluntary sale/auction after best preparation and offering in the manner most customary for the type of property.

Execution value

Execution value is understood to be the amount that a property, in case of forced sale at public auction in the manner prescribed by law, will reasonably fetch in case of sale to the highest bidder.

Insurance value

The value for which one must insure a chandelier in order to be able to quickly buy an almost identical work of the same in very good condition from a reputable art dealer or gallery. This is the highest value.

Trade or private sale value

The value, which can be expected when selling yourself to individuals or traders, which depends very much on the time and market situation.

Auction sales value

The value that can be expected when selling an item at auction, with the seller paying approximately 15% commission on the auction price to the auctioneer.

Auction purchase value

The value that can be expected when buying an item at auction, with the buyer paying approximately 25% commission on the auction price to the auctioneer.

Replacement value

Equal to insurance value.

Retail value

Equal to insurance value.

Market value

A general average of the above values.

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Our story

Brink & Van Keulen 1646

Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. Originally a family business, Brink & van Keulen maintains the 17th-century foundry craft by producing the highest quality brass chandeliers. By passing on centuries-old knowledge, Brink & van Keulen has taken an important role in the preservation of the foundry craft. Brink & van Keulen is specialised in the field of production, restoration, valuation, and mediation of traditional Dutch brass chandeliers.
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17th century foundry craft

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Did you know that

Recommended by the Cultural Heritage Inspectorate

After restoration, the chandeliers are indistinguishable from new ones. The Cultural Heritage Inspectorate values the craftsmanship of Brink & van Keulen so highly that they recommend their treatment for monumental crowns instead of regular polishing!


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