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Chandeliers For Classic And Modern Interiors

Chandeliers fit many places and come in different sizes. Older buildings are the natural habitat of chandeliers. Nowadays, however, we see more and more chandeliers going to modern properties because it creates such a sharp contrast with the rest of the surroundings.
Brass and copper chandeliers can be a very nice addition to a modern interior with their warm coloured material. With this classic touch within a modern interior, a warm atmosphere is created and a very beautiful light can be formed.
It is possible to choose from the existing range of models found on this website or in our catalogue. It is also possible to create a new design with our more than 5,000 moulds. We can also facilitate completely new design by creating new moulds.

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Brink & van Keulen can also be of service to you with:

  • Advice on old and new chandeliers
  • Reference work origin research
  • Valuation of (old) chandeliers
    • Maintenance condition
    • Verification of authenticity
    • Inspection report
  • Conservation and repair of old chandeliers
  • Complete restoration projects
  • 3D scanning for replication
  • Replica production
  • Secure and insured transport
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Brink & Van Keulen 1646

Brink & van Keulen 1646 B.V. Originally a family business, Brink & van Keulen maintains the 17th-century foundry craft by producing the highest quality brass chandeliers. By passing on centuries-old knowledge, Brink & van Keulen has taken an important role in the preservation of the foundry craft. Brink & van Keulen is specialised in the field of production, restoration, valuation, and mediation of traditional Dutch brass chandeliers.
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Why Brink en van Keulen?

  • Years of experience
  • Guaranteed quality
  • Expert advice/expertise
  • Known & respected worldwide
  • Always a tailor-made solution
  • A large worldwide network
  • Partner dealers in many countries
  • Professional and friendly

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