Amsterdam: 17th Century Model Copper Chandelier With 30 Lamps H250xB230

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Inspired by a monumental 17th-century Dutch original, the impressive three-tiered Amsterdam chandelier modernises antique grandeur with 30 gracefully curved copper arms forming a striking silhouette 250 cm high and 230 cm wide. Meticulously handcrafted, intricate scrollwork flourishes across the solid copper frame, an example of the artistic mastery of Holland's Golden Age metalworkers. Although designed centuries ago, this regal chandelier is suitable for contemporary lighting and floods rooms with the decadent atmosphere of days gone by. As massive as it is meticulous in detail, the Amsterdam immerses interiors in ancient splendour.

The Amsterdam model is the largest chandelier Brink & van Keulen has in its collection and is completely solid cast. This model weighs approx. 450 kg. The original hangs in the Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam.

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